Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: surrender entered English in the middle of the 15th century from an Old French form surrendre, which could be translated as give up or deliver over. In fact, the word was a combination of -sur, which meant over, and -rendre, which meant give. Today, surrender functions either as a verb or as a noun.

Definition of surrender:
1. verb – to accept defeat and stop fighting,
Their leader will never surrender and millions of people will die in this vicious war.
2. noun – accepting defeat and stopping all the fight,
His surrender came as a surprise to everyone as no one expected that.

Expressions with surrender:
A few common expressions include: a flag of surrender, in mock surrender, and the terms of surrender.
Finally, after a few months of fights, our enemy hoisted a white flag of surrender.
Once the offender saw the police approaching, he raised his hands in mock surrender.
The terms of surrender were quite attractive so the protestants accepted them quite eagerly.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: surrender is an English word with a rather uncomplicated spelling, but still it causes some spelling problems, especially when it comes to the -r letters in this word. The most common mistake is to spell surrender with a single -r letter in the middle. It gives the form surender, which is wrong.