Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: it is difficult to figure out why, but quite a common mistake is to double the letter -l in the word solution, which gives an incorrect form sollution. The mistake is so common that it even appears in some official brand names. However, it is incorrect so do not use it.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word solution is a noun form in contemporary English, but it has its origin in a Latin verb solver, which used to mean to loosen. Today, the noun has various meanings and, depending on the context, it can appear as either a countable or uncountable noun.

Definition of solution:
1. noun – a way to fix a problem,
We need to find the easiest possible solution to our problem.
2. noun – an answer,
I give up, let’s simply check the solution on the last page of the book.
3. noun – a mixture in which a more solid substance has been distributed in a liquid,
Be careful with this solution as it can burn your skin.

Collocations with solution:
The word solution often comes with the prepositions to or for, thus, we can have a solution to something or have a solution for something. When it comes to verbs that it collocates with, we can: find a solution, have a solution, offer a solution, or provide a solution. When it goes with an adjective, some common collocations include an ideal solution, the best solution, an acceptable solution, an immediate solution, and a long-term solution.