Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: some users of English tend to mix the order of vowels in the word and a common mistake is to spell Tuesday as Teusday. This form, however, is wrong so next time you write this name of the week, make sure you spell it correctly.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the name of this particular day of the week has its origin in the times of Old English and it celebrated the day of Tiw – a god of war and sky. As the names of days of the week come from the names of Germanic gods, they are written with capital letters. The only correct spelling of the word is Tuesday.

Definition of Tuesday
1. noun (sometimes has the function of an adverb) – it is the second day of the week, the one between Monday and Wednesday,
We have English classes every Tuesday.

Collocations with Tuesday:
Some popular Tuesdays include:
1. Black Tuesday – which started the Great Depression in October 1929
2. Shrove Tuesday – the last day before Lent in the Christian religion
3. Pancake Tuesday – the same day as Shrove Tuesday, pancakes are usually eaten then