Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: many users of English make a mistake while creating the third singular form of the verb to try as trys. It is wrong as the rule says that when a verb ends with -y, which is preceded by a consonant, we need to change -y to -i and then add -es. Therefore, the only correct form is tries.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the origin of the word tries is an Old French word trier, which entered English in the times of Middle English. The base form of the word tries is a common verb to try. The -ies ending is added to the verb in the third person singular of the Present Simple tense.

Definition of tries:
1. verb (to try – third singular person in the Present Simple) – to make an attempt, to check something,
He tries to make ends meet, but with this salary, it’s almost impossible.
Doctor Harrison often tries different treatments before he chooses the most effective one.

Collocations with tries:
Some common collocations include:
1. tries on – to check how clothes look on you,
I hate going shopping with her because it takes ages when she tries on new clothes.
2. tries out something – to use something to check if it works well,
Every time he buys a new car, he tries it out thoroughly.
3. tries for something – to try to get something,
When she tries for a new job, she prepares really well and does her best.