Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: unwieldy is a word with a long history as it already existed in Old English. Unwieldy combines the prefix –un, which means -not, and wieldy, whose original meaning is active. Therefore, unwieldy used to have a meaning similar to inactive. Over the centuries, however, the meaning has developed and today the word can be used in various contexts.

Definition of unwieldy:
1. adjective – usually refers to an object which is hard to move because it’s large or heavy,
I have no idea how we’re going to put this unwieldy wardrobe into our bedroom.
2. adjective – refers to a system that is poorly run and as a result, it is slow and ineffective, It is such an unwieldy organization –
I just went from one room to another and I still know nothing.

Collocations with unwieldy:
Some common collocations include an unwieldy package, an unwieldy system, and an unwieldy organization:
Could you, please, help me carry this unwieldy package?
Citizens do not feel secure due to the unwieldy system of this country.
Too much bureaucracy makes this place a really unwieldy organization.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: unwieldy is an English word that looks quite unusual when it comes to spelling. Probably because of that many English users make a mistake while writing the word and they misspell it as unweildly. This spelling, however, is wrong and the only correct version is unwieldy.