Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: vertical has its origin in Latin, in which it had the form vertex and in this version, it entered English, too. Later, the word changed to vertical, which is the form we know and use today. The meaning of the word vertical was directly overhead, which is close to the contemporary one.

Definition of vertical:
1. adjective – something that goes up or is pointing straight up,
These vertical lines on the graph clearly show the income of the company this year.
2. noun – refers to a vertical position, line, etc.,
After months of hard work, the installation will be finally raised to the vertical.

Collocations with vertical
Some common collocations with vertical include:
1. a vertical market – a market in which different businesses provide services or products for one another,
Vertical market is largely about trust and cooperation.
2. vertical farming – a type of farming in which plants are grown vertically, in layers, one above the others – as a space-saving alternative to traditional farming,
Vertical farming has been developing in over-populated countries recently.
3. vertical line – a line that goes up,
This vertical line will show you the energy consumption this month.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: two common adjective endings are -al and -le and as they are quite similar to each other, many English users mix them, which results in various spelling mistakes. Such a thing happens with the word vertical, which is often misspelled as verticle. It is wrong, though, so make sure you do not use it.