Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: this mistake appears quite frequently as when you want to add -an, -ing or -ed ending to the verb admit, you actually double the letter -t, which results in admitting and admitted. However, in the case of an infinitive form, the correct version is admit, and not admitt.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this popular English verb comes from Latin, where it used to mean – to send. Over the centuries the meaning has changed and today it is a common verb, used both in formal and informal contexts. The only correct spelling of the base form is with a single -t letter at the end.

Definition of admit:
1. verb – to say that some fact is true, often reluctantly,
The accountant admitted to the financial fraud.
2. verb – to accept something,
He admitted his defeat, but still believes he would get better the next year.
3. verb – to let in,
You will be admitted to the club if you show me your ID.

Collocations with admit:
Some typical collocations with the word admit include: admit defeat, admit guilt, admit liability for something.