Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word has its origins in a verb attend (to be present, to participate) and a suffix -ance, which has two major tasks: to create a noun and represent quality of. Thus any other form than attendance is wrong.

Definition of attendance:
1. noun: the fact that some people are present, for example on some event, meeting, party or school
She undermined my attendance in church last Sunday! What an insult!
2. noun: number of people who participate in something (for example a meeting or an event)
Philosophy may be boring, but attendance on my lecture is higher than I expected.

Idioms and phrases with attendance:
to dance attendance on, to do everything in your power to please somebody or to make their life as easy as possible: Sometimes I can’t stand my husband- although he is an adult man, he still needs someone to dance attendance on him.
to be in attendance, to take part in some important, often very official event: Some important ministers was in attendance on this conference.
to take attendance, to check, for example at the beginning of the classes at school, if all students from the list are present: Our professor always takes attendance at the very beginning, so then he knows who was late.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word is a noun created form the verb attend, which can be explain as take part in, be somewhere, for example, on a party, meeting, event, etc. by adding the suffix -ance, that is very helpful while creating nouns from verbs. Taking it under consideration, it is definitely mistaken to turn a into e, as there is no such word as attendence; attendance is the only correct spelling.