Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: this spelling is wrong because the original Old English pronouns were spelled with one e in the middle. Confusion may have its roots in the pronunciation /ðiːz/ [theez], but the correct spelling is these.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this pronoun/determiner has its roots in Old English. Old feminine and masculine pronouns, thes, and theōs, are the reason for today’s spelling of the correct form these. The misspelling theese seems to be closer to the pronunciation, but it’s wrong.

Definition of these:
1. pronoun, the plural form of this
These are my best friends, Rachel and Phoebe.
These shoes aren’t mine!
2. determiner, to point out something mentioned earlier or introduce something (in everyday English)
Here we keep the most important works by Picasso. These works are worth even up to $170 million!
I was walking down the streets and these policemen came up to me and asked me for my documents.