Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: oversight obviously comes from the word sight, which has West Germanic origins, but could already be found in Old English, in which it had the form of gesihth. Later, the word also appeared in Dutch and German. Oversight joins the words over and sight and in modern English, it functions as a noun.

Definition of oversight:
1. noun – a mistake that is the consequence of not noticing something,
Due to an oversight, I didn’t fill in all the documents, but I will catch up with that as soon as I can.
2. noun – being responsible for something,
I want to speak to the person who has oversight of this project.

Collocations with oversight:
A few common collocations with oversight include: unfortunate oversight, by an oversight, and due to an oversight
It was an unfortunate oversight, which caused many serious consequences.
I took your keys by oversight, but my friend will get them for you later.
Due to an oversight in our business plan, we made some mistakes in the calculations.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: oversight is a combination of the words over and sight and because of that its spelling is rather clear. However, due to the pronunciation of the word, oversight is sometimes mixed with the word site. As a result, a common mistake is to spell oversight as oversite, which is incorrect.