Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: wheelbarrow is a combination of two words – wheel and barrow. The latter comes from the Old English word barew, which was a type of device used for carrying heavy loads. Therefore, a wheelbarrow is actually barew on wheels. Interestingly, wheelbarrow can also function as barrow only and the meaning of the two words is the same.

Definition of wheelbarrow:
1. noun – it is a type of open container that has one wheel at the front and two handles at the back, it is usually used in the garden for moving things from one point to another,
Let’s put all the building materials on the wheelbarrow and store it in one place.

Synonyms to wheelbarrow:
Some words with similar meanings to a wheelbarrow include barrow, handcart, or hand truck.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: wheelbarrow or simply barrow is a common English noun. However, some English users make a mistake, and instead of barrow they use the word barrel, which results in wheelbarrel. It is wrong, though, as barrel is a completely different word.